An exhibition at the Everyman Cinema for all of December and January

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The Hockley Viaduct from the Water Meadows, Winchester
This group of images is called "Skies and Shadows", and will be showing in the foyer of the Everyman Cinema in Winchester through December 2012 and January 2013.

Skies and shadows. That's what I look for. Ideally both in the same image, but not always - skies are amazing and so are shadows, and if both coincide then there's an image to share :)

The centrepiece of this set is a panoramic image of the Hockley Viaduct. In the 1980's Winchester council apparently requested that the army blew it up. Luckily common sense prevailed, and thanks to the efforts of various campaigners including
the Friends of Hockley Viaduct the structure is still with us and continues to impress. The viaduct is currently being repaired and refurbished and will be re-opened in 2013 as a footpath and cycle way.

This image is dedicated to W.L.Galbraith who conjured all 33 arches of the viaduct across the Water Meadows in 1890.